Rosenthal Fine Art’s internship program offers a structured, research-based learning opportunity to support career development and to open a door into the art world first hand. 

Our typical intern has a working knowledge of Art History, although a degree in Art History or Fine Arts is not a requirement.  We look for enthusiastic, motivated people who have a passion to learn.  Each intern defines his or her own path, whereby they are able to build specific skills and knowledge to foster the gallery’s goals. Interns are able to explore the areas of advertising/marketing and social media as well as art research, valuation and special research projects.  It is up to the intern to decide which area of gallery business interests them most.  

The research component of the internship is largely self-led and contributes to ongoing scholarship about the artists we represent. Through it, we place our artists and their works firmly within their art historical context and relevant theoretical discourse. Art is not produced in a vacuum; rather, it is a part of a complex cultural, artistic, and social play. The research our interns conduct traces this interplay, illuminating how our artists construct multifaceted pieces and expanding the relevance of the artwork to viewers.

Rosenthal Fine Art is committed to creating a cooperative, challenging work environment and encouraging open, dynamic interaction for learning.